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Pickling passivation ensures corrosion resistance to components of stainless steel and thus considerably increases their life and usefulness.

The corrosion resistance of stainless steel is due to the presence of at-least thirteen percent chromium in the alloy. With oxygen, the chromium forms a dense chemically resistant passive layer of chromic oxide, protecting the surface of the component against corrosion. The passive layer usually forms again after abrasion. The precondition to corrosion resistance and passive layer is a metalically pure surface with a sufficiently high perecentage of chromium.

Every mechanical treatement damages the top layer of components i.e.

  1. contamination with Ferric matter,
  2. change in the structure of the layers,
  3. development of inbuilt stress,
  4. reduction of chromium content. 

Heat treatment like annealing and welding leads to scaling and discolouration. This not only deteriorates the appearance of the component but also its corrosion resistance due to the presence of ferric oxides. A continuous passive layer of chromic oxide cannot form here. Hence it is a must to form a metalically pure surface for pickling and passivation.

Corossive strain on insufficiently passivated stainless steel leads to :

- pitting corrosion,
- crevice corrosion,
- stress corrosion cracking,
- intercrystalling corrosion and
- corrosion resulting from contact with foreign metals.

A dense passive layer can only form on metallically pure surfaces.

Professionally pickled passivated stainless steel surface and welding seams :
- are metallically pure, free of scales and discolouration,
- have the full corrosion resistance of the component and
- have a decorative metallic appereance.

K-2 product of surface innovators are approved by Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) under ASTM-A 380 for pickling & passivation on stainless steel.

We undertake job work at site.

All Product Range of K-2

Area covered by different K-2 chemicals

K-2 PASTE FORM cleans 90-100 meters of weld seams area with 1 kg. of chemical
K-2 SPRAY FORM cleans 30-40 sq. ft. area with 1 kg. of chemical
K-2 DIP FORM cleans 30-40 sq. ft. area with 1 ltr. of chemical
K-2 PASSIVATION  cleans 30-40 sq. ft. area with 1 ltr. of chemical

K-2 is a unique chemical product for fumeless pickling and passivation on Stainless Steel.

K-2 removes oxide scales, rust marks ferritic contaminants on burn spots, metallic and organic impurities, discolorations and annealing colours from the stainless steel surface without affecting the base metal.

K-2 not only removes rust but also stops corrosion, & restores full corrosion resistance to the treated surface.

K-2 leaves behind a metallically clean, uniform, satin smooth, flawless, particle free, sterile passive surface.

The chemical K-2 is avaliable in 3 forms as follows giving the same results. Application of K-2 passivation solution is a must after the application of all forms of K-2 chemical in order to avoid further corrosion and contamination.

A)    K-2 PASTE FORM ( GEL )

It is used to clean weld seams and the areas surrounding the welds.


It is used to clean large fabricated equipments of S. S. eg. vessels, agitators, dryers, dairy machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, fermentators, internals as well as the external of pipes by a pressurised spray bottle or pump.


It is used to clean complicated items, like internal & external of pipes, wire rolls, internal recessed areas of machinery. Heavy Machinery by dipping into a huge tank by means of a chain pulley.


It is used to form a passive coating on the surface.

E) S I  56 ( POWDER )

It is a degreasing compound for removal of oil, grease & mild rust scales.

F) K-2 Surface Super Additive (SSA) [ INHIBITOR ]

It is a unique additive for bulk pickling. It reduces fumes, increases production, reduces metal loss & sludge formation making the atmosphere and working environment safe & healthy.

G) K-2 MSR ( Liquid )

It is a hard scale remover after the process of annealing giving a flawless, passive and brighter finish to the surface of stainless steel.


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