ISO 9001 - 2000





  • K-2 SSA is a unique additive (liquid form) for regular pickling solutions to clean austenitic stainless steel & nickel alloys.
  • K-2 SSA removes all types oxide scales, annealing colours and rust scales from the surface of stainless steel making it sterile, passive retaining the mill finish.
  • K-2 SSA additive is to be added in existing pickling bath of HF:HNO3:H@O only, to achieve best results as per the said advantages
  • K-2 SSA is a very concentrated formula under the Technical Collaboration from POLIGRAT Gmbh(Germany) matching to International Standards.
  • K-2 SSA is approved by I.I.T.-Mumbai under ASTM-A380: (American Standards For Testing Material).

  • With the addition of K-2, the existing acid in the bath in unable to itch or eat the parent metal, hence over pickling & over pitting is avoided, there by saving on metal loss and increase in production.
  • A Uniform smooth super fine finish is obtained.
  • Increase the efficiency of the regular picking bath, thereby giving almost 1-1/2 times more production.
  • The most important feature of K-2 SSA is that it reduces NOX fumes and unpleasant odours causing less hazards to human health.
  • Special additive K-2 SSA gives a quick and even pickling. The result is distinctly improved picking in a shorter time.
  • The built up of solid deposits is reduced. Sludge, which does build up is not compacted and is in granular form for which effluent is easier.
  • Reduces contamination in the atmosphere, making environment more user friendly.

  • 0.5-1 Ltr.of K-2 SSA is to be added to the existing, regular pickling bath of 100 ltrs., and it can be used in both Online/Batch process.
  • K-2 SSA is to be added when the metal content in the bath is approximately 5 gm/I or 20-25 gm/I.
    Thus when there is some Fe content it reacts far superior.
  • With addition of K-2 SSA it gives extra brighter & lustorous finish to the surface of stainless steel.
  • Replenishment of K-2 SSA is to be done at regular intervals in existing pickling bath of HF:HNO3:H2o only.
  • With addition of K-2 SSA regular pickling bath can be discarded after max. 60 gm/I Fe content is detected.

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